Interceptor's Lair

Forum closed

This forum originated from messages posted to a thread relating to the TV series "Wanted", on the Channel 4 forums in 1997. Interceptor was remembered in those messages and people very kindly linked through to the main website.

Once "Wanted" came to an end, I gathered the messages and used them as a basis for a "forum" on the interceptor website. I say forum, but it was a simple static set of messages with a form for people to submit new entries which were added manually.

A couple of years later, with proper domain name and hosting now in place, I created a dynamic forum. This was created very shortly before the first trailers aired on Challenge TV for the first ever repeats of the Interceptor series on TV. Fortunately so, as naturally, suddenly there was a lot of interest and much to discuss.

Over the years the forum was opened up to discuss other topics including Treasure Hunt and The Crystal Maze as well as general community discussion. The forum especially saw significant traffic during the Treasure Hunt revival in 2002.

In the last twenty or so years we have discussed every conceivable facet of the series in minute detail, as well as taken part in quizzes, games, online chats and of course some very memorable real life meetings.

Over the last few years, interest has waned. It's understandable as the series aren't being repeated at present and there is little to no chance of new series of Interceptor or Treasure Hunt. Also, with the advent of social media, forums of this nature are perhaps no longer required as people demend more real-time communications. When even I, the owner, doesn't login for weeks at a time, well then I guess the end is nigh!

The nail in the coffin was the looming introduction of the new data protection laws (GDPR). This new law does affect forums such as these and rather than jump through the various hoops and understand the very confusing rules and regulations, I thought it was best to close the forum rather than worry about potential ramifications further down the line, not to mention the massive fines for failing to comply.

Therefore as of today, 19th May 2018, the forum is closed. All forum source files, uploads and database tables have been deleted from the webserver leaving just this message.

I would like to thank everyone who has registered and contributed here over the years, especially Si and Andy who helped with the admin.

Since 2001 (stats only relate to the dynamic forum and not the manual entries prior), 475 members have posted 22,856 times in 2,320 topics.

Perhaps I'll create a Reddit at some point if something happens which may generate a bit of interest, otherwise please feel free to tweet @meanteam.

Thanks again. Chris